ASC Project Advisory Group

Thank you for your interest in participating in Brain Injury Canada’s Project Advisory Group for the research project focused on accessible federal elections. We welcome all interested candidates!  Our priority is to have as many members on the project advisory group as possible with lived experience with brain injury. Caregivers are also essential to our work. Applications from professionals (researchers, medical professionals/trainees, allied health professionals/trainees) are also welcomed, but will not be given priority.

Below you will find information about:

  • The roles of the project advisory group
  • Benefits of being part of the project advisory group
  • Information about the frequency and duration of the meetings
  • Eligibility criteria for project advisory group members
  • Information about how to apply to become a member of the advisory group and the selection process
  • Contact information to request support or additional information

Role and responsibilities

  • Assist the project team with high-level identification of barriers to accessibility individuals with brain injury encounter in the electoral process (both in processes related to participating as a voter and participating as an employee)
  • Where appropriate, suggest resources to the project team
  • Where appropriate, connect project researchers with professionals and citizens with desired expertise related to the project themes
  • Help identify solutions to project challenges shared by the project staff
  • Provide feedback on project progress
  • Review project documents and attend 3-4 meetings per year for the three year duration of the project
  • Represent, to the best of their abilities, the views and interests of the adult brain injury community
  • Uphold confidentiality. Committee members are expected to respect the confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at committee meetings or otherwise shared. Members will sign a confidentiality agreement, which will be in effect after completion of the project.

Benefits of being a member of the Project Advisory Group

  • Compensation for non-professional members (honoraria)
  • Enhanced interpersonal communication skills
  • Gain knowledge of accessible electoral processes in Canada
  • Meet others with impacted by brain injury in Canada (network building)

Project Advisory Group meetings

The advisory group will meet once every 3-4 months between fall 2023 and late winter 2026. The meetings will be virtual, and no longer than 2 hours in duration. Breaks and other accessibility supports will be provided for all meetings.

Eligibility criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria for the project advisory group is:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Eligible to vote in federal elections in Canada
  • Interest in accessible and inclusive electoral processes

We hope that project advisory group members also have a connection to the adult brain injury community in Canada. The connection could be living with a brain injury, caring for someone with a brain injury who is a close relative or a professional interest in serving people living with brain injury.

Positions available

There are six spots on the advisory committee for Canadians impacted by brain injury. These spots are for non-professional members of the Brain Injury Community. Additional spots for professional/trainee members may be available depending on experience and interest.

Application process

As our work is funded by Accessibility Standards Canada, we aim to balance the membership of the group to reflect the diversity of people living with brain injury in Canada. A variety of demographic information will be considered in choosing the project advisory group. We will also consider individual experiences and skills with brain injury, elections, government policy and/or other themes related to the project.

To facilitate the collection of this information, we require candidates to complete a short online survey. The information in the survey will be kept confidential, and deleted once the advisory group is selected. The survey has been tested for accessibility with screen readers, and is housed in a business level Survey Monkey account.  For any questions or accessibility concerns, please contact [email protected]

LINK to project advisory group applicant survey