What is neuroplasticity?

Our brain changes in response to things like learning, stress, and injury. It will continue to do this for our entire lives. Your brain may never work exactly the same way, but it will continue to adapt and respond. In research, this is often referred to as neuroplasticity (neu·ro·plas·tic·i·ty).

Neuroplasticity is a highly complex topic, and there is not a lot of peer-reviewed, substantiated research on neuroplasticity and its effectiveness in rehabilitation practices. This is why we have made the decision not to include information on this topic at this time. If you do have questions about neuroplasticity, these should be put to a neurologist or neuropsychologist.

One of the best things you can do to help your brain injury recovery is to focus on brain and body health. When you feel good, eat well, get enough sleep and participate in aerobic exercise, your brain will benefit.

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