Brain Injury Canada is proud to introduce an exciting new project: BRITE (BRain Injury and TEens), an online resource for youth aged 13-18 living with brain injury.

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BRITE will serve as the go-to resource for teens impacted by brain injury – providing them with access to education and information that will answer their questions; provide recommendations for physical and emotional support; connect them to peers and professionals; and provide them with the tools they need to feel empowered to take their next steps, wherever they may be in their journey.

We Need Your Help

The first of its kind in Canada – this online, interactive, resource will empower and inspire youth impacted by brain injury. Did you know:

  • Brain Injury impedes social cognition and a child’s ability to cope with every-day social tasks such as sharing, helping, and initiating relationships [1.
  • 31% of adolescents will experience physical, cognitive or emotional symptoms more than one month after injury [2].
  • After experiencing a concussion, youth have been found to experience a greater severity of symptoms, and take longer to return to school and sport compared to younger children [3.

One gift. Double your impact

When you support the BRITE resource fundraising campaign, you are supporting teens with brain injury who need access to resources and information. And if you donate today, you will double your impact. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by our Honourary Patron Dr. Daniel C. Andreae to a maximum of $15,000.

Here are some examples of how your gift could build the BRITE resource.

  • Your gift of $1000 will become $2,000. This donation will support the development of interactive tools to help teens understand their brain injury, provides coping tools for their mental health, and connecting to their community.
  • Your gift of $500 doubles to become $1,000. This donation will provide a pre-recorded educational video webinar, led by an expert in brain injury and designed specifically for teens.
  • Your gift of $250 transforms into $500. This donation will support the development of the BRITE podcast to help youth understand their brain injury, provide strategies for living with brain injury, and act as a form of peer support.
  • Your gift of $100 becomes a gift of $200 and will support the development of a pre -recorded interview segment with an expert on a topic important to youth and posted on BRITE.
  • Your gift of $75 doubles to become $150. This donation will cover the costs to further develop the BRITE community, providing teens with the opportunity to connect, and share tips and tools with others from the brain injury community.
  • Your gift of $25 doubles to become $50 and will contribute to the cost to continually provide new resources, tools, and tips that best meet the needs of teenagers impacted by brain injury in Canada.

Any and all donation amounts are appreciated. When you make your gift, you can share an encouraging and empowering message with teenagers in the brain injury community – letting them know their future is BRITE.

Thanks to your generous donation we will be able to better support youth living with brain injury.

All donations of $100+ will receive an exclusive BRITE Supporter Badge that can be proudly displayed on your organizations website, LinkedIN profile and via social media.  

Three Pillars of BRITE

Writing in notebook
Information and Education tools
Group of youth walking in nature
Mental health resources
Youth sitting at table talking with laptops
Community building

This resource will focus on the areas of mental health; education and play; relationships; and transitioning into adulthood. It will be developed in partnership with and feature supporting resources from institutional and community partners.

Developed under the guidance of a Scientific Advisory Committee of leading Canadian experts in clinical care and research in brain injury, this resource will integrate evidence-based knowledge with insights from individuals with lived experience.


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BRITE Program Q&A:  


Who is the BRITE Resource being developed for?
The BRITE Resource is being developed for Canadian youth, aged 13 – 18 years, who have had a brain injury or who have a loved one with a brain injury. Content will be accessible, age-appropriate and reflect the varying experiences of individuals living with brain injury in that age range.
Why are you developing this resource?
Brain injury is complex and often life-long. Acquiring a brain injury as a teenager adds extra layers of difficulty to a time of life when an individual is already struggling to discover who they are and what they want their next chapter to be. Our goal is to empower youth to take control of their own knowledge development by providing peer-reviewed, evidenced-based information that can give them answers to their questions about brain injury; address their concerns; and give them tools to take next steps, wherever they may be in the recovery journey.
What is included in the BRITE Resource?
The BRITE Resource will include the following, all developed exclusively for teens and based on input from the brain injury community:   The Three Pillars of BRITE 1.    Information/Education Resources 2.    Mental Health Resources 3.    Community Building
What is the fundraising goal for the BRITE Resource?
The total budget for this project is $50,000. Brain Injury Canada is pleased to announce that we have already received a commitment from our Honourary Patron Dr. Daniel C. Andrea; who will be matching funds up to $15,000, for a total of $30,000!  That means when you make a gift to support the BRITE Resource, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!
Who is involved in the development of the BRITE Resource?
Brain Injury Canada is working with key stakeholders from the brain injury community, including our Scientific Advisory Committee, professional health care workers, and those with lived experience (parents and youth who have grown up and can reflect on their experience) to ensure we are addressing the needs of the community.