Brain Injury Canada occasionally runs surveys to gather information on important topics from individuals living with brain injury, caregivers/families, health care and service providers, and brain injury associations. Current surveys can be found here, and this page will be updated regularly.

Brain Injury Awareness - What do you want people to know?

As part of the national Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign in June and in collaboration with brain injury associations across Canada, we will be circulating an open letter for individuals, caregivers and anyone else with an interest in advocating for the brain injury community to add their name to show their support. The goal of the letter is to show a groundswell of support for important issues relevant to the brain injury community and ensure this is made known to policy makers and members across all political parties.

In order to develop the letter, we need to know what issues are important to you. We have created a survey to gather this information. The letter will be developed based on issues identified by the majority of respondents. We understand not everyone will have the same priorities, but this does not mean issues that are not included in the letter are not important. Advocacy in all areas of brain injury is on-going and the results from this survey will continue to inform advocacy efforts.

Fill out the survey at this link:

You can also scan this QR code with your smartphone camera to access the survey