Brain Injury Awareness Month

In Canada, June is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Each year national, provincial, and local associations run campaigns to increase awareness about the prevalence of brain injury; the obstacles that exist for those with brain injury; and the need for more services and support at all stages of recovery.

2021: Shining a Light on Brain Injury

The 2021 joint Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign is focused on raising awareness of brain injury in Canada - in other words, shining a light on this often invisible disability. Brain injury associations across Canada came together to share in this universal message about a condition that affects every individual in a unique, complex way.

Join the campaign by following along on social media. Use the hashtags #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth, #BrainInjuryAcrossCanada, and #SpotlightonBrainInjury when sharing your own experiences or posts.

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Past campaigns

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