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Terms and Conditions of Use

[…] programs and analytic tools to monitor network traffic that identifies unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Brain Injury Canada may use “ cookies”. A cookie is a set of data that is placed into the browser’s application folder on your computer. You may wish to have your browser enabled […]

Self-care activities

[…] day or week to avoid what causes you stress, you’ll be helping your mental health – and maybe even your physical health! Bake The process of preparing cookies, cakes or other baked goods can be incredibly relaxing. It’s also a good option for people who prefer sweets to savory flavours. If baking is something […]

Brain Injury Associations

Provincial and local brain injury associations are available across Canada and are ready to provide support, information, education, advocacy, and a variety of programs and services to those affected by acquired brain injury. Please note:  The provincial and community brain injury associations are all independent from Brain Injury Canada, but all work in collaboration to […]

Substance use

[…] aged 15 years and older experience substance use in their lifetime . Substances include: Alcohol Opioids and other prescription drugs Tobacco Cannabis Methamphetamines Cocaine Heroin Ecstasy Problemati c substance use is when any substances are used in a manner, frequency, situation, or amount that is harmful to a person or those around them . Examples […]

Opioid overdose

[…] detaching opioids from the receptors in your brain and restoring breathing. It works on fentanyl, codeine, morphine and heroin. Naloxone is completely safe and cannot create problemati c substance use. This means that it is safe to have naloxone nasal spray and naloxone injection kits at home, and it is safe for you to administer […]

How to have a COVID-19 safe holiday season

[…] be incredibly relaxing. Homemade Christmas crafts & decorations Make some favourite treats Holidays are a great time to whip up your favourite sweet or salty treat. Bake cookies, try homemade chocolates, or make a snack mix. There are no limits, and you deserve a treat for yourself. Share a holiday beverage over a video […]