Stories of Acquired Brain Injury

People living with brain injury and their families are sharing their personal stories with Brain Injury Canada to provide hope and support to those across Canada who are having similar experiences.

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Frank B

Category: Traumatic brain injury I graduated from Durham College in 1983 in Sports Administration. I was awarded the honour of being named Male Athlete of

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Man with a beard and mustache wearing a blue checkered shirt and light black rain jacket. He's wearing a black ball cap that says 'Town Moto' in yellow text. He's holding a fishing rod and is on a boat in a lake, with trees in the background on a foggy day.

Matías M

Category: Traumatic brain injury In September 2013, I was involved in an accident that nearly took my life. Biking home from work, I was hit

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A woman with dark wavy hair, bangs, a nose ring, and a black t-shirt looks into the camera smiling.

Emma P

Category: Traumatic brain injury Hi there, my name is Emma P. I’m 28 years old and I am a mom of a 14 month old.

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Man with a beard, mustache and dark rimmed classes in a long sleeve blue button down shirt and a brown checked newsboy cap, smiling and looking just to the right of the camera.

Daniel M

Category: Non-traumatic brain injury At 28, Dan was leading a healthy, active life. After an optometrist appointment to identify the cause of his persistent headaches

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Woman with wire rimmed oval glass, shoulder lengthy wavy gold-blonde hair and bangs in a black shirt, smiling slightly and looking into camera.

Kathy F

Category: Non-traumatic brain injury (stroke) Kathy F is a theatre artist and writer living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Kathy spent seventeen years living abroad in

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Carrick W

Category: Traumatic brain injury Brain injury and how it changed my life forever Shortly after my 17th birthday I was in accident that caused me

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