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We at Brain Injury Canada invite you to share your personal journey. Whether you are an individual with a brain injury looking to tell your story or someone looking to deepen their understanding of brain injury (e.g. caregivers or family members of someone with a brain injury), your experience is valuable to the brain injury community.

Stories are powerful tools for connection, peer support, education, and advocacy within our diverse community. Your story can make a difference to others, providing inspiration, comfort, and advice.

Guidelines for sharing your story

When sharing your story, please use the follow guidelines:

  • You’re story can be as long as you want, but we ask that it be at least 300 words
  • Your story should ideally answer some of the following questions:
    • When and how your brain injury happened
    • Some of the challenges you have experienced
    • Tips and strategies that you have used throughout recovery
    • What you want people living with brain injury to know
    • What you want people who don’t live with brain injury to know
  • You should include one or more photos to go with your story

Please keep in mind

  • We will not be publishing stories that use offensive, derogatory or inflammatory language
  • We will not be publishing stories that talk about other people, Canada’s medical systems or the government negatively – the goal of these stories is to provide a source of positive encouragement and advice for others
  • Please avoid using overly graphic or explicit language when it comes to medical procedures and/or injury
  • If you currently have an active insurance claim or are in a legal process, you may want to speak to you lawyer before submitting your story

The Brain Injury Canada team may edit your story for accessibility purposes (e.g. adding periods). We will reach out to you for permission for any big edits.

At any point, you may reach out to Brain Injury Canada to request that your story be removed.

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