Encouraging yourself & others

When you are recovering from an acquired brain injury, energy levels can be low at certain times of the day. Because of this, you may need to prioritize your time and the activities that you engage in.

One important area to prioritize is making time for encouragement. Encouraging yourself and others is particularly valuable as you and others are navigating uncharted territory with your recovery and your plans to return to work. This step does not need to be time-consuming  or complicated. Be sure to carve out some time for this. Perhaps weekly you can make note of and acknowledge the things that have worked particularly well; something that generated a spark of anticipation or excitement; and/or a goal that you accomplished.

Just sit with your list and take a moment to encourage yourself. Did you go the extra mile with something that you thought you would not?  Make note of this. Think about others who have helped you this week. Take a moment to let them know how they helped you and the difference it made to you – be as specific as possible. By showing your appreciation to others, you are encouraging them to continue reaching out.  It also lets them know they are on the right track and it will encourage them to continue to provide assistance to support your efforts into the future.

As you are planning to return to work, it’s great that you can encourage yourself and others.  It’s a worthwhile endeavor, and the return on investment can be huge for all concerned! A brief phone call; a text; an e-mail; a written note or other ways to show your appreciation will go a long way.

So who can you encourage today?