Submit a brief for Bill C-277

A brief is a written submission that provides your opinions, comments and recommendations on a subject being studied by a parliamentary committee.

Who can submit a brief?

Any individual or organization may submit  a brief to a committee of the House of Commons to show their support for Bill C-277.

Can I submit a brief in French?

Individuals and organizations may submit briefs in either official language. Translation of the briefs will be coordinated by the clerk of the Health committee as they may only be distributed to committee members once they are available in both official languages.

What should I include in the brief?

  • The name of the author or organization must be clearly indicated on the cover page of the brief.
  • Brief, factual information to support your views.
  • Recommendations to the committee must be as specific as possible, especially suggested amendments to bills. They must also be summarized at the end of the brief.
  • The brief should not exceed 2000 words (4-6 pages single spaced and 8-10 pages doubled spaced).
  • Organizations must provide a general description of themselves at the end of the brief.
  • All quoted or referenced materials must be clearly indicated either in footnotes or in a bibliography at the end of the brief.

PLEASE NOTE: Briefs submitted to committees become part of their public archives. Therefore, they may be posted on the Committees’ website and become public documents. Please do not include information you do not want made public.

How do I submit my brief?

Your brief can be sent electronically to the committee using the committee’s email address [email protected].

Please include personal contact information (address, email address, phone number) in your email. This will not be posted with the brief.