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Developing a National Strategy for Brain Injury

Bill-C277 National Strategy on Brain injury for CanadaIn June 2022, Member of Parliament Alistair MacGregor introduced Private Members’ Bill C-277, calling for the establishment of a national strategy for brain injury. A national strategy for brain injury would mean more unification and greater commitments to building supports for people with brain injury and their families/caregivers.

A National Strategy on Brain Injury would focus the Minister of Health in consultation with representatives of the provincial governments responsible for health, Indigenous groups and relevant stakeholders (including individuals and families living with the effects of brain injury), to develop a national strategy to support and improve brain injury awareness, prevention and treatment as well as the rehabilitation and recovery of persons living with a brain injury.

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There is currently a petition running through Alistair MacGregor’s website.

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Brain Injury Canada has partnered with the CGB Centre for Traumatic Life Losses; the BC Brain Injury Association; and the Cowichan Brain Injury Society to advocate and build support for Bill C-277.



125 Days to Say Yes Campaign

From January to December 2024, brain injury survivors, family members, caregivers, brain injury associations, researchers and other stakeholders will be sending letters to the federal Minister of Health and other members of parliament asking for a national strategy for brain injury. The 125 days represents the 125 days the House of Commons is scheduled to sit this year.

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Film a Video

If you are a Canadian brain injury survivor, family member, or caregiver and you are interested in participating in the 2024 campaign, please email Janelle Breese Biagioni for more details at [email protected].

Participants will be asked to provide a photo and one minute video to be used in print and on social media. You may live in any of the provinces or territories to participate.

Send an Email to Your Government Representatives

Bill C-277 needs other government officials at all levels to support it. They need to know how important this is to Canadians. You can reach out to your representatives through email to encourage them to actively listen. By simply filling in your information below, we will send the email below to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, your elected representatives, and other appropriate decision-makers.

Email a letter to your Member of Parliament using this template:

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Download and share the press release: National Strategy Press Release January 2024

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