Help Us Move Bill C-277 Forward

Developing a National Strategy for Brain Injury

In June 2022, Member of Parliament Alistair MacGregor introduced Private Members’ Bill C-277, calling for the establishment of a national strategy for brain injury. A national strategy for brain injury would mean more unification and greater commitments to building supports for people with brain injury and their caregivers, friends, and families.

Brain Injury Canada has partnered with the CGB Centre for Traumatic Life Losses; the BC Brain Injury Association; and the Cowichan Brain Injury Society to develop a petition and letter writing campaign to support Bill C-277.

Step 1: Sign the e-Petition to the Government of Canada

Help us reach 500 signatures

It is estimated that over 1.5 million Canadians are living with a brain injury – but that doesn’t begin to cover concussions; military injuries; unreported cases; undiagnosed injuries from intimate partner violence, during homeless, or while incarcerated or the caregivers. The real number is in the millions. In fact, we’d bet you know someone with a brain injury and/or concussion. Yet many people aren’t aware just how prevalent brain injury is, or how deeply it can impact and be impacted by other intersectional issues. Brain injury leads to a multitude of complex effects that impact daily living, and systemic barriers such as a lack of access to supports and a lack of a unified strategy contribute to challenges.

We need your help to have this petition certified and presented to the House of Commons. We need to meet 500 signatures – the more we have, the more we can show that Canadians want a national brain injury strategy.

Please note:

  • You must be a citizen or resident of Canada. You will be asked to provide the province / postal code you reside in or the country you are currently residing in.
  • There is no minimum age to sign the e-Petition.
  • You must have your own email to sign the petition as only one signature per email address can be submitted. This means multiple family members (any age) may sign, but each person requires their own email address.
  • You must provide a telephone number.
  • You may only sign an e-petition once.
  • The Clerk of Petitions has the right to reject any signature of which the validity is in doubt.

After you submit your signature, you will receive an automated email which prompts you to confirm your signature. This is an important step: you must confirm your signature through the email you receive in order for your signature to be counted. Check your junk mail boxes and spam filters on your email if you do not receive a verification request email.

Step 2: Send an Email to Your Government Representatives

Signing the petition is a great support. But Bill C-277 needs other government officials at all levels to support it as well. They need to know how important this is to Canadians. Now that you have signed the petition, you can reach out to your representatives through email to encourage them to actively listen. By simply filling in your information below, we will send the email below to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, your elected representatives, and other appropriate decision-makers.

Step 3: Share this information

The more people who know about Bill C-277, the more signatures we’ll get and the more emails will be sent. Share this link or visit our social media pages to help us spread the word and move Bill C-277 forward.

Thank you for supporting Bill C-277 and the Canadian brain injury community!