Submit a letter for Bill C-277

A letter is a written submission to the Health Committee that provides your opinions, comments and recommendations.

Who can submit a letter?

Any individual may submit a letter to the Health Committee of the House of Commons to show their support for Bill C-277.

Can I submit a letter in French?

Individuals can submit letters in either official language. Translation of the letter will be coordinated by the clerk of the Health Committee as they may only be distributed to committee members once they are available in both official languages.

What should I include in the letter?

The letter includes your written opinion of why a strategy is needed. You can include:

  • Your experience related to brain injury
  • How you support the need for a national strategy

Letter requirements

Your letter must meet the following criteria (where appropriate):

  • Recommendations to the committee must be as specific as possible, especially suggested amendments to the bill.
  • The letter should not exceed 1000 words (1-2 pages single spaced and 3-4 pages doubled spaced on a word processor like Microsoft Words or Google Documents).
  • All quoted or referenced materials must be clearly indicated either in footnotes or in a bibliography/reference list at the end of the letter.

PLEASE NOTE: Letters submitted to committees become part of their public archives. Therefore, they may be posted on the Committees’ website and become public documents. Please do not include information you do not want made public.

How do I submit my letter?

Your letter can be emailed to the committee using the committee’s email address [email protected],

Alternatively, you can mail a hard copy of your letter to:

Standing Committee on Health
Sixth Floor, 131 Queen Street
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

It is good practice to also cc or mail a copy to your letter to your Member of Parliament.  You can find them by entering their name, your constituency or your postal code:

Postage sent from within Canada to the Government of Canada is free and does not require postage.