Provincial/Territorial disability benefits

Financial assistance programs differ across the provinces and territories in Canada. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you are eligible for and where to look for programs that may help you.

The Government of Canada has a great online tool that can help narrow down the federal and provincial/territorial financial assistance programs for which you may be eligible. Use this Benefits Finder to determine what federal or provincial/territorial benefits you may be eligible to receive. If you need some assistance, ask a caregiver, friend or family member to help you sort through the results.

In addition to the benefits finder, here is some additional information about financial assistance resources at the provincial/territorial levels.

Provincial and territorial disability services

Each province and territory has disability services. They can help you find out what financial assistance may be available to you.

More information about provincial and territorial disability benefits

Social/income assistance

Social assistance is a program designed by each province/territory to provide money to individuals/families who have explored all other means of financial support and are in financial need. The money is for basic needs such as food, rent, and utilities (heat, water and electricity).

The program requirements and eligibility is determined by each province and territory. You can learn more about your province or territory’s social/income assistance program in the list below.

Workers’ compensation

If your brain injury is a result of a workplace accident, the provincial/territorial Workers’ Compensation programs can help with financial assistance.

Please note: if you are a federal employee, your claims would go through the federal Labour Program.