Brain Injury Canada hosts educational webinars on a variety of topics, featuring speakers from across Canada. We host a mix of pre-recorded and live webinars, and all webinars and saved and posted on our YouTube so you can watch them at your convenience. You can also check out our most recent webinars below.

Healthy Boundaries and Positive Disconnect in the Caregiving Role

Reaction hacks: Helping us to respond rather than react

Making Hidden Disabilities Visible

Michelle McDonald, Laura Brydges, and Meri Perra discuss advocating for a national hidden disability symbol, and why it is needed.

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We’re more than just thoughtful, informative webinars. We’ve done a variety of interviews with people living with brain injury, quick clips with interesting facts, and awareness videos meant to be shared. You can find them all on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to access the latest videos first.

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