This section of the website is for free resources and community information that may be helpful for people with brain injury and caregivers.

Brain Injury Canada Connect: Interactive Service Directory

Follow the link below to access our NEW interactive service directory, designed for the brain injury community. New services, organizations and associations are being added regularly, so check back often for more resources.

Brain injury associations

Brain Injury Across Canada Series

Our Brain Injury Across Canada series features personal accounts of brain injury and recovery from survivors and caregivers.

SameYou’s Recovery at Home Video series

SameYou is an organization based in the United Kingdom focused on building awareness of brain injury and supporting mental health through recovery. Their video series Recovery at Home covers important topics such as relationships, sexuality, memory, and more.


We have several helpful pre-recorded webinars that are free to access and cover a variety of topics.

Supports for people living with brain injury

Downloadable templates
The following list is of currently available free downloadable templates that can be used to help with activities of daily living (ADLs), symptom tracking, and more. Documents have been provided in .docx format and pictures are provided in .jpeg/jpg format.

E-books & guides
The Sharing Experiences with Concussion/TBI podcast
In June 2021, the Ontario Brain Injury Association, the Headsup Concussion Advocacy Network and the former Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation released a series of seven audiovisual podcast episodes. Each episode is led by an expert and includes individuals with lived experience of concussion and brain injury.


Watch the podcast episodes

Educational bursaries
We are not offering educational bursaries at this time. Please visit the website of your local brain injury association to see if they have any available bursaries. You can also find available bursaries and scholarships on the, a site developed by the National Educational Association for Disabled Students (NEADS).

Statistics about brain injury

We have compiled the most recent available statistics about brain injury. This information can be used for advocacy, research and educating others.