Caregiver E-courses

Brain Injury Canada has developed a variety of courses for family caregivers of people with brain injury. Our courses are designed to be accessible, focused on topics that caregivers have told us are important to them. These courses are free of charge and self-guided, meaning you can learn on your own time. Check out our current courses below.

Family Caregivers: Introduction to Brain Injury

Brain injury (also called acquired brain injury, or ABI) is a unique and complex condition. This means that for family caregivers, it’s a lot of learning as you go – there’s no set guidelines for how to care for someone with a brain injury.

While we don’t know the specifics of your caregiving role, we can give you an introduction to brain injury to help answer some of your questions and give you practical tips/tools for supporting your loved one and yourself.

Topics in this course include types of brain injury, effects your loved one may experience, and the journey from diagnosis to rehabilitation. We’ve also included lots of links to helpful resources in case you want to learn more about something specific.

This course has text-based lessons, images, and videos from people with lived experience and health care professionals. It’s available for free and will save your progress as you go, so you can learn where you want, when you want. All our content is evidence-based and peer-reviewed.

Each brain injury is different – but understanding what it is and how it impacts people can help you as a family caregiver support your loved one.



This course is made possible and supported by the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation, an organization that supports programs, tools, and resources from charitable organizations that serve family caregivers.