Having a brain injury almost always results in an interruption of work, whether it is a temporary disruption or a permanent one. This can cause financial challenges, particularly if you were the primary source of income for yourself or your family. Financial hardship can make an already difficult time even more stressful. Accessing financial assistance after brain injury will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Where you live in Canada. Some benefits are national (federal) while others are available by province or territory. Not all programs will be the same or offered everywhere
  • If you were employed before your injury. You may have workplace benefits that can provide financial assistance
  • If you are military personnel or a veteran
  • How your injury occurred. For example, if your injury is the result of a Motor Vehicle Collision, you are likely entitled to Insurance Benefits
  • Where your injury occurred. For example, if your injury occurred in the workplace, you may be entitled to Workers Compensation

Topics in this section include:

Getting started

There is a lot of information on the following pages, and while we have done our best to make the information as easy to follow as possible. Before you start exploring the financial assistance information on our site, we recommend the following:

  • Set up your screen and viewing area to minimize visual stress by using the Accessibility Options at the top of your screen on our website
  • Take breaks
  • Ask a caregiver, friend, or family member to go through it with you
  • Take handwritten or digital notes
  • Bookmark the pages you want to go back to at another time

It’s important to fill out any forms properly and provide correct medical documentation. Incomplete or incorrect information can delay or even prevent your application(s) for financial assistance from being approved. Some important tips to remember when filling out your application are:

  • Keep copies of everything you submit
  • When you make calls, keep a record of who you spoke to and when (the date and time you spoke)
  • Keep all the documents, notes and information relevant to your application in one place, ideally in a labeled file folder
  • Have a support person (caregiver, friend, or family member) help with the application, especially if you are experiencing cognitive challenges with memory and thought processing

If you don’t have someone to help you with your application, reach out to your local brain injury association. They may be able to connect you to a person or service that can assist you. Please note this may not be available everywhere.

Ordering forms from the Government of Canada

A lot of benefits come directly from the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada offers alternate formats of its forms and publications, including digital audio (MP3), electronic text, Braille, and large print. To fulfill your order, you will need to know the form or publication number, title, and revision year.