Return to work & Activities

After a brain injury, you may need to take time away from work and activities. If or when you are ready to return to work or recreational activities, you will need to begin the process gradually, as your capabilities may have changed after your injury. This section explores that process and includes information for you and your employers that can make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.

Return to work

This section has information for employers of people with brain injury and employees with brain injury. Topics include making accommodations, and navigating the return to work process.

The Return to Work Guidebook

If you are in the process of returning to work, access our guidebook developed in partnership with VRA Canada.

Returning to activities

Returning to activities after a brain injury will require time, patience, and practice. Check out our tips and list of activities to start you off.

DISCLAIMER: This section is intended to expand the information that you may be gathering regarding the return work process. Given the unique circumstances and the variety of both individual and workplace experiences, we recognize that this information will not be all-encompassing. With this in mind, some of the material has been developed to respond to preliminary questions and how best to support those engaged in this process.

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