Returning to work guidebook

Returning to work after an acquired brain injury

After an acquired brain injury, returning to work can feel like an almost impossible task. How would you manage your symptoms while trying to re-engage with work?

Perhaps you’ve recently attempted to return to work, only to find that you may not have properly shared what you need with your employer, or your workload and schedule is too much.

Brain Injury Canada is aware of the challenges faced by individuals who are attempting to return to work. To help navigate that transition, we have developed a return to work guidebook.

This guidebook will help you through the various stages of returning to work after an acquired brain injury, including:

  • What to be aware of and prepare for when considering a return to work
  • Practical self-assessment and planning tools for return-to-work readiness
  • Collaborative planning with your employer for a successful re-entry outcome
  • Possible challenges and solutions when on the job

This guidebook is supplemented with a range of resources, including:

  • Tip sheets
  • Developing SMART goals
  • Initiating conversations with your employer

It also includes key lessons learned from others who have been through the return to work process.

Return to work guidebook cover image

We’d like to thank the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada for their generous sponsorship which helped make this work book possible. We’d also like to give special appreciation to Jeff Cohen, President, Vocational Evaluator and Consultant at Vocational Alternatives Inc. for acting as an expert reviewer of the guidebook.

Download the Return to Work Guidebook