Government support programs during COVID-19 pandemic

Federal and provincial governments in Canada share a lot of information about the coronavirus on a regular basis, including support programs and resources. Here are some links to COVID-19 supports organized by province/territory.

Canada (federal)

COVID-19 benefits and services

There are several programs in place at the federal level to support individuals and businesses. Please keep in mind that you will not be eligible for all programs.

The government has also released an economic response plan for COVID-19.


The Alberta government has several supports in place, including financial support for parents, workers, and businesses. They also have resources for mental health, personal safety, and more.

British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia has organized it’s COVID-19 support information by what you need for support. This could be families, loss of income, seniors or more.

If you are looking for the province’s most recent COVID-19 related announcements, they are posted on the government website.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control is where you will find information related to COVID-19.


The Manitoba government is offering multiple provincial support programs such as caregiver wage support and mental health virtual therapy.

New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick has several guidelines and resources available to the public.

Newfoundland & Labrador

The Newfoundland & Labrador government releases regular updates on safety levels throughout the province, vaccination registration, and mental health resources.

Northwest Territories

The government’s website features vaccination updates, current safety recommendations, and a lot of information on resources, financial support, and updates on COVID-19 in the province.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has several programs in place to support those who are facing hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Nunavut’s government publishes regular updates on COVID-19, the hotline number, and safety instructions.

Prince Edward Island

Information available includes how to avoid financial scams related to COVID-19, public resources, and financial services for those in need.


The Ontario government website includes information on support for youth, financial aid, emergency services, and mental health


The Government of Quebec’s website has information on the current state of coronavirus in the province, vaccination appointments, and financial assistance.


The Government of Saskatchewan has several support programs and resources on their website, including the ability for eligible citizens to book their vaccine appointment online


The Government of Yukon has several financial and social support programs in place such as paid sick leave rebates for employers and mental health resources.